Your web page defines your business

In this modern era, if you are not on the internet, you don’t exist. We are a web agency based in Toronto specialized in the development of Ecommerce, and we want to help you increase your commercial position, with creative ideas and unique designs, so you can differentiate yourself from the rest.

Our Services

What We Provide?


We are abble to build an optimized website for computers and mobile phones, using stable and fast programming languages and frameworks, such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Nodejs and ES6, to create high quality websites tailored to your needs.


We develop intuitive applications for iOS and Android. Think about it, if you provide your customers with a tool that makes things easier for them, they are more likely to use and recommend your brand. Contact us and we manage both the programming and the design part.

Ecommerce Solution

We provide and guarantee a unique user interface, adapted to the needs of your e-commerce store, with a 100% high quality and personalized design.


Both Interface and Experience will allow your clients to use your website or mobile application intuitively. Functionality and usability are as important as aesthetic appeal.


The largest and best known social network has its own way to reach potential customers in Toronto near you, we manage the tools that Instagram provides and we help you get the ads there.


You may have an old fashioned business, with a physical store in Toronto that offers products or services, but are you reaching all of your potential customers? We offer Google Ads plans specially designed for you.

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Why We Are best for Growing Your business?


SEO is not just about writing a bunch of meaningless keywords. We guarantee that with our techniques your page will be at the top of the search engines, so that when customers are looking for what you sell, they find you.


Before putting your page on the internet, we tested it multiple times, to verify if everything goes according to plan and, therefore, guarantee the result of our work. We are also always available to solve any problem you may have.


From the moment you contact us, until the work is finished and even after that, we will dedicate ourselves to guiding you and helping you to solve all the inconveniences that may arise along the way.

Responsive Web Design

Nowadays there are more smartphones than people, this means that customers are more likely to use their phones instead of their computers to find you, and if your page doesn’t respond to mobile browsers, you are losing a potential client. We have the solution.

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What Our Client Says?

  • "Like everyone else, I was worried about moving my local store to the Internet, because although it is a new world of customers, it can be overwhelming. Fortunately I contacted GKB Webs and they help me build my e-commerce website, now I sell in Toronto, and I’ve reached the rest of Canada"

    Peter Leblanc

  • "People often want to be healthier, but they don’t have time to go to the gym. If there was a way to give them a complete list of exercises that could be done at home, and then I realized: a proper exercise mobile application for each individual. With the help of GKB Webs I was able to launch it, and now I have fulfilled my dream of helping people to stay healthy without altering their routines."

    George Smith

    Body builder specialist

  • "I recommed GKB Webs for their capability in web development. They made our ecommerce page a super easy and pretty clean website. Now my clients can find what we’re selling without much complications."

    Caroline Jacobson

We work with latest technologies

We work with latest technologies and offer our customers a solution that will maximise innovation and minimise deliver time and cost.

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